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You can purchase either through online via the Terminal Meru Raya Website or alternatively you may proceed to our CTS counter at the Terminal Meru Raya, Ipoh.

We have 8 man counter and 4 self service counter available for ease of passenger ticket purchase. The mode of payment can be either cash or cashless via credit/debit card, e-wallet or even with ‘Touch & Go’ card.

Ticket purchased thru terminal website shall have the benefits of express boarding without hesitation to queue at the terminal to acquire boarding pass. Just scan the e-ticket that has been send to your mobile at the pre boarding gate.

Purchased through website shall be limited to a maximum of 4 tickets for every single transaction. However, there shall be no limitation for ticket purchased at the Terminal CTS counter.

Anyone can purchase bus tickets with valid travelling information and subject to availability of trips.

Tickets can be purchased 24 hour 365 days at the Terminal self service counter or thru the website. However, the CTS man counter opens daily from 7am – 12 midnight.

Passengers are required to show their Malaysian MyKad or passport to purchase bus tickets. Passengers are required to provide their IDs during ticket purchase to ease the process of providing proof for insurance claims and personal claims.

All active destinations under Centralized Ticketing System (CTS) are displayed in our homepage. Please click on the destination icons for active destinations to South, North, East Malaysia, South Thailand, and Singapore.

Trips and routes to all destinations offered by bus operators vary from day to day. Please view all available routes for today's date at our website under Bus Schedules. Our website is updated on the day-to-day basis.

For better access to daily trips, do not hesitate to proceed to any of our CTS Counters 1- 8 at the terminal.

Please proceed to our CTS Counters at the Terminal for seat availability. If you are making a credit card or bank account transaction, please proceed to our e-ticketing portal OR to the self service kiosk at the terminal to find, and book your seats. Available seat will update based on current time.

You may contact our Customer Service at +60 12-429 3530 (8:00AM – 1:00AM) or the terminal trip administrator at +6012 376 5867 (24 hours) or leave your comments and questions to helpdesk[at] If you are in the vicinity, please proceed to our Info Counter at Terminal Meru Raya.

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Only Malaysian nationals with Malaysian MyKad are allowed to redeem special fares like Senior Citizen and Disabled (OKU). Permanent Residents status and foreigner are not eligible for Senior Citizen and Disabled (OKU) rates. Please note that NOT ALL the bus operators offer Senior Citizen or Disabled (OKU) rates.

Children fares are only available on select bus operators. Please note that Children fares and age requirements vary from one bus operator to another. NOT ALL bus operators offer Children fare.

1) Full name of passenger
2) Contact number of passengers

Passengers are required to provide their MyKad or passport details to purchase bus tickets at the Terminal CTS Counters or during online purchase at our website.

Please note that passengers are required to provide their IDs to our ticketing personnel during ticket purchase at ticketing counter or to collect bus tickets after online purchase to ease the process of providing proof for insurance claims and personal claims.

Passengers are allowed to purchase any available bus tickets at least 8 minutes before departure time through CTS Counters. Please proceed to the boarding gate immediately after purchasing your ticket Bus Terminal is not responsible for missed bus or loss of tickets.

Through our e-ticketing portal, passengers are allowed to purchase tickets minimum 3 HOURS before departure time.

Passengers are allowed to purchase bus tickets at least 1-3 months before departure date for select bus operators and trips. Please check all available dates at CTS Counters 1-8, terminal self service kiosk or through our e-ticketing portal.

Please check your departure gate on the actual departure date. Change of gates does occur often.

All ticket holders should have reached the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure time and straight away check in at the pre boarding hall.

Yes. However, the passenger will have to exchange the ticket/s to boarding pass before entering the pre-boarding hall. The boarding pass exchange can be done at terminal CTS counter no.2 & 3.

YES. All CTS Counters offer the same information, trips, and schedules. Passengers do not need to line up again at a different counter to ask for the same information.

NO. Most bus operators under CTS do not offer separate seats for Senior Citizens or Disabled (OKU) passengers. However, select bus operators do provide a reduced price rate for Malaysian Nationals with Malaysian ID for Senior Citizens or Disabled (OKU) passengers.

NO. Passengers are asked to pay for their bus tickets immediately after the seats are confirmed.

Any child who is 2-year old and above has to buy his/her own seat ticket.

YES. The ticket prices for all bus operators under CTS are the same on all platforms.

On a normal occasion during peak season YES. But subject to availability as it depends on the bus operator’s will.